Movin’ On Up (Really 20 Feet East)

The view from above (click for a bigger view)

Check out the sweet new view of the garden from our new apartment! We moved to the other one bedroom on the opposite side of the house, where we can gaze lovely at our garden from the living and dining room. It’s pretty gosh darn amazing to be able to look at it from above. We had a view of the back of a very large and ugly apartment building. What made it worse is that the Pacific Ocean is on the other side of the sad looking building. Things are getting a little out of control in the garden since we’ve been ignoring it for the past couple weeks.We’ve got some big plans for it this weekend which include ripping out one of our Euphorbia wulfeniis (Rene too many of your babies did too well) and planting a magical Deppea splendens.

Nepenthes sanguinea

It will be interesting to see how all the houseplants adjust to life in east facing windows. We paired down our indoor plant collection quite a bit. It was out of control. Lots of junky looking abused plants. Just watering them all was a pain in the ass, which means only the guys who could survive through spans of not getting watered for 2-3 weeks made it. If my iphone weekly watering reminder works they’ll get better care in their new spot.

The bigger picture

Here’s another view of more of the backyard. There’s way more concrete than we’d  like, but hardscaping a rental is where we draw the line. The grass is already a little happier now that two less dogs are peeing on it, but it’s still pretty sad. I water it a little once a week to wash away the doggie pee build up, but not really enough to keep it happy during the rainless summers. It’s easy to reseed once the rain kicks in again. We only water the garden once a week for about 45 minutes or so. The left-hand (more succulenty) side isn’t hooked up to irrigation and gets a soak with the hose once a week. The middle native section gets sprinkled for awhile once every two weeks. I’m looking forward to the rainy season.

Houseplants Hanging Out

Here’s our big shelf o’houseplants that Matti found free on craigslist when we first moved to SF. Look at those sexy bamboo floors (we had nasty carpeting in the old place). I think the wall color is called ‘Banana Pepper Yellow’. We went crazy with paint. The kitchen is orange, bedroom teal and the bathroom is golden yellow. We’ll be posting about our indoor plants looking cute in their new surroundings more often now that we’ve ditched all the dogs from the collection.


Euphorbia & Aeonium Lovefest

Here’s a random backyard pic I took recently. Hurray for Euphorbias, Aeoniums & Thursdays!



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