Simply Succulent = Sweet!

Succulent Bicycle Heaven

Last weekend we headed up to Mendocino for a little vacation. Before we go all crazy with posts from the botanical garden (looking super awesome right now) and the town which is pretty much exploding with blooms I wanted to call out a cool little succulent nursery we’ve never checked out before called Simply Succulent in Fort Bragg. Super friendly and knowledgeable owner Rella was happy to let me take pictures like a crazy person, and even brought me in to one her employee only Epiphyllum hoop houses to check out the amazing blooms.

Epiphyllum Awesomeness

I did a really crappy job getting the names of Epiphyllums, which shouldn’t have been the difficult considering they were written clearly in sharpie on the leaves. Never have I seen so many Epiphyllums in bloom in one place!  Fort Bragg resident Jim Goekler has been hybridizing them for years, and has shared quite a few with Renna for the public to buy. They’re amazing.

Senecio articulatus

Love this striking chalky blue Senecio, but I have to admit we did not buy a single plant on our entire trip. I think it’s a first for us.

Succulent Sculpture

Sedum Grouncover Lawn Alternatives

How cool would it be to have an entire lawn area covered in these Sedums? Rella has written an article about transforming your water hogging yard into a low water oasis in the most recent Mendocino Travel Guide.


Aeonium Forest

You gotta love mass quantities of Aeoniums grouped together. All in all, Simply Succulent is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Mendocino. Rella has an amazing assortment of awesome plants. You can check out all our pics from the nursery here.


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