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  • Mendocino Garden Madness

    Viola nigra ‘Bowles Black’ & Armeria maritima We spent a morning checking out the fabulous Mendocino Botanical Gardens. This was our first summertime visit, and it rocked! Any garden that uses Viola nigra ‘Bowles Black’ as a groundcover is awesome in my book. I went a little crazy in the picture taking department. Eucomis comosa […]

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  • Simply Succulent = Sweet!

    Succulent Bicycle Heaven Last weekend we headed up to Mendocino for a little vacation. Before we go all crazy with posts from the botanical garden (looking super awesome right now) and the town which is pretty much exploding with blooms I wanted to call out a cool little succulent nursery we’ve never checked out before […]

  • Botanical Gardens
  • Strybing Super Flowers

    What the heck? Recently I did my interpretive station volunteer gig at the SF Botanical Garden, so Matti and I went a little early to wander about. I had seen this crazy ass thing budding a couple weeks ago. Couldn’t find a tag with a name. I’m guessing it’s some sort of New Zealand wonder […]

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  • Blooming in July!

    Pelargonium trigonum miracle flower! Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! We’ve got some stuff blooming in the backyard. You might be thinking, “Hey, that’s a geranium flower. What’s exciting about that?”, but it’s a freak Pelargonium we picked up at a Succulent Society meeting. We still have the tag calling it Pelargonium trigonum, but I can’t […]

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  • Ripping Out Spring

    Papaver ‘Drama Queen’ alive Word on the street is that it’s officially summer. Ummm, it rained a couple days ago. That shouldn’t happen this time of the year in our parts. So far the fog hasn’t been too bad, but it’s not August yet. Above is sweet innocent ‘Drama Queen’ maybe a day before I […]