Fisherman’s Wharf Flower Freakout

Fisherman’s Wharf, Really?

Maybe it was the tasty Lagunitas beers I drank on the ferry ride back to SF from Tiburon, but I was pretty gosh darn impressed with the flower action happening in Fisherman’s Wharf. Looks like they combined Cotula lineariloba with Carex testacea here, but I’m not 100% sure about either ID’s. Lemme know if you think I’m wrong on any of these.

Big flowery freak out

In the lower right hand corner you’ve got the most awesome Penstemon in town, Penstemon X gloxinioides ‘Midnight’. It’s seriously hot. If only photos could capture its coolness…. Here’s another picture of it at Annie’s where I first started drooling over it.

Penstemon X gloxinioides ‘Midnight’

Crazy succulent crab

The succulent encrusted crab made my day. I kind of want to bring some Aeonium cuttings down to fill in the empty spaces. They seem to be thriving.

Flowers and lots of Alchemilla mollis ‘Robusta’ I think

Salvia patens perhaps?

Lavender land

A little Cerinthe action



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