Agave is Over


Before, Agave still intact.

Before, Agave still intact.

The sunny side of our garden is looking sweet. We do like to keep trying out new plants and tweaking stuff. We’re down to about three Agave americana succulents (Century Plant) left in the garden. There’s the mama which we don’t plan on getting rid of even though it is going to over take our back yard some day…and two of her pups still floating around. Agave americana - Century Plant

Agave americana – Century Plant

Don’t worry, even though today’s title is “Agave is Over”, we still have a bunch of other Agave species…just slimming down on the americana. Oh BTW, as the title implies, we can’t get enough of Portlandia. So here’s one last look of this guy in our garden. Matti's special tool

Matti’s special tool

I’m the official Agave ripper outer in the garden. Strapping on my hori hori…time to get to work. Clearing rocks.

Clearing rocks.

Back when a lot of these plants were just tiny guys, we put a bunch of beach rocks in on this side…mainly to help stabilize cuttings and also to dress up the side while they grow in. Now we’re finding that we need to pull out a lot of the rocks while shuffling plants around. Ripping out the Agave.

Ripping out the Agave.

Couple strategic cuts, this baby is coming loose. Max is always there to help. It's out.

It’s out.

Hey, I am getting good at this. Oddly enough, the roots were not as big and deep as I thought they would be. It was a win win. I brought this pulled out Agave to the curb for somebody to take. Before I could even twitter about it, 30 seconds later someone was already hauling it away to plant in their garden. We love sharing. Filling in the hole.

Filling in the hole.

So what to put into this bare hole. Against the fence and just to the left of the bald spot is an Athanasia pinnata…and to the right is a Leonotis menthifolia (Lion’s Ear). Replanted.


We decided to pop in an Euphorbia x martinii ‘Ascot Rainbow’ that I picked up from my work. It looks small now, but all three of these mentioned get pretty big. It’s gonna be a battle royale to see who get all the air space. Seriously, I think that they’ll be happy as they fill in. Some like to snake around when they grow, some will get pruned every so often…and maybe just maybe one will get too big and will get ripped out in a year. Then we get to experiment with another cool plant. – Far Out Flora

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