• Travel
  • Coastal Roadside Detour

      No highheals please (on the beach?) OMGosh, it’s Memorial Day Weekend.  We’re staycationing this holiday, but really getting the itch to do a little road trip soon.  Until then, we need to wet our appetite with a rewinding to some roadside fun from our last romp down south. Giant Rodeo Hat – Salinas, California […]

  • DIY
  • Square Hangy Thing

    This is how it looked back then. Almost a year ago, I planted this metal pot rack into a succulent hanging thing. Lots of little cuttings, lots of sphagnum moss, lots of potential. Well, it’s all grown up now. Not exactly what I expected, but enough to salvage. Here Here it is today. It has […]

  • Flowers
  • May Bloom Day Merriment

    Viola Village Hurray for May Bloom Day! Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! Our backyard is the bloomiest it’s EVER been. People at work have said I’ve crossed over to “Flower Floozy” land, and I think they might be right even though I keep denying it. This container is full of […]

  • Our Garden
  • Going Picture Crazy

    Echium love In April we uploaded 259 pictures of our backyard to Flickr. Dang!  The middle (mostly native) section is really filling in. I’m loving the Gilia capitata and Gilia tricolor. They’re both super bloomy right now. We have Gilia capitata ssp. chamissonis, too.  Our Eriogonom ‘The Hub’ is getting ready to pop soon, too! […]

  • DIY
  • Agave is Over

      Before, Agave still intact. The sunny side of our garden is looking sweet. We do like to keep trying out new plants and tweaking stuff. We’re down to about three Agave americana succulents (Century Plant) left in the garden. There’s the mama which we don’t plan on getting rid of even though it is […]