Classin’ Up The Joint

Look at that crap hole!

Last weekend we spent some quality time with the masses of crap junking up the place. At one point the red shopping cart full of plants seemed like a great idea. It pretty much turned in to a holder of sad looking abused succulent containers. Not pretty.

It looks kind of cool in a picture…

Look there’s a dead body hiding in the big mess of plants! I didn’t even realize we had a Tillandsia close to blooming until I started poking around in the pile of plants.

Dang, check that out!

So much better! Matti brought the wire shelf home from work (he has a new job), and I love it! The surf board part had been jammed behind something on the other side of the yard. We shifted stuff we already had around, and it’s surprisingly much more open. The grill is going to be much happier in its new, sunnier spot.

Everyone needs at least one glass head

We’re not done!

This is the opposite side of the backyard looking like a big mess. See the surfboard hiding behind the massive Gunnera? We knew that the Gunnera would soon outgrow the spot on the bench, so it has a new even sunnier spot in the middle of the yard.

New and kind of odd home in the yard

We just happened to have an old wooden box sitting around to protect our baby from the leg lifters. Inside the box is a big plastic tub we can fill up with water to keep G. Rex (that’s its pet name) happy. Gunneras are water lovers. It will be interesting to see how big he gets in his container. Thanks again to Rob at The Pitcher Plant Project for giving us G. Rex!

OMG, I can’t believe I’m posting this in public

This is just straight up embarrassing. That’s a pitiful Norfolk Island Pine jammed in a tire rim with a bunch of other stuff. It looks pretty angry. The plant police would arrest us for cruelty to poor innocent plants if they saw this.


Yay! It’s not a big pit of nasty! Little Norfolky already looks happier. Matti’s bonsai trees have some space to chill, and the birdbath on the right is has a chunk of redwood burl growing in it. This weekend we’re going to work on the very last crap hole section. We’re thinking about having a little plant party out back May 14th for anyone near or in SF that wants to come check out our plant zoo. More info to come as it gets a little closer.

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