April Bloominess

Primula polyantha Victoriana Silver Laced Black

Hurray for Garden Bloggers’ April Bloom Day! We finally have a bunch of new stuff in flowery action! May’s going to be even crazier in the new bloom department. We have a mystery iris about ready to bust, and a bunch of other new plants on the verge of going nuts. Matti’s been loving Primulas recently, so I brought this cutie home awhile back for the part shady side of the yard. The trailer on the left is sexy little Fuchsia procumbens we have in a pot.

Wholly Sh*t, Echium wildpretiis starting to bloom!!!!

We did everything wrong. Who the heck puts an Echium wildpretti in a container and expects it to bloom? Not us. While doing a little search of old blog history, I found a post talking about our bad move in November (there’s a baby pic at the bottom of the post). Apparently we thought we didn’t have room to plant it in the ground (this was pre-working for Annie’s, so I’m not sure what type of crack we were smoking to not find a spot for it) so we planted it in a wood box Matti built of out reclaimed wood. I would not recommend planting wildpretii in a container, or watering it all the time but it seemed to not care that we did everything wrong. Right now it’s the coolest thing to have ever bloomed in our backyard, and it’s just getting started. To celebrate its bloominess I’ve created a nerdy flickr slideshow of its life (one pic is not from our backyard, probably Huntington). This plant is available for purchase this very second from Annie’s. I suggest you either drive out there now and buy a few, or order them via the interwebs. Seriously, can a plant get much cooler than this? When we win the lottery and acquire a large, well drained parcel of land there will be a Canary Island zone complete with an Echium forest.

Erysimum franciscanum var. crassifolium “San Francisco Wallflower”

“San Francisco Wallflower” hangs out in our California native middle yard. The common name alone made me want to bring it home, but then the mention that it, “thrives in sandy soil” sealed the deal. Super rare and endemic only to San Francisco and the coastal bluffs from Santa Cruz to Sonoma County, it smells fabulous! I loved it so much I brought home orangey “Western Wallflower”
Erysimum capitatum ssp. capitatum a month later which should have some flower action next month.

Cotyledon orbiculata

After a long stretch of cold, rainy weather the Cotyledon’s buds are starting to open up. It’s one of my favorite succulent blooms.

Lupinus succulentus “Arroyo Lupine”

Another California native that we abused, but still flowered. I jammed it in a too small container with another plant, didn’t plant it deep enough… oh yeah the container when crazy and stopped draining properly during the last rain storm.

Gunnera tinctoria

Our awesome friend Rob from The Pitcher Plant Project hooked us up with this Gunnera last August. It was so cute and innocent back then (here’s the post about it). Monster G. Rex (our name for the mega plant) is getting HUGE! Check out this pic of it in full view. We have plans to create some sort of rolling bog garden for him in one of our classy red shopping carts soon.

Aeonium and Nemophila menziesii Penny Black

Miss ‘Penny Black’ is still going strong! I love her so much I just brought home another one yesterday. Love the super dramatic Aeonium bloom going on, too. All our backyard pictures from April are here if you want to check ‘em out. Happy Bloom Day!

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