Outerlands Succulent Gardens

Lewd Aeonium

We blogged about this amazing stretch of succulent awesomeness about a year ago. I’ve been in love with it ever since we moved to San Francisco. If you find yourself in the outerlands (Outer Sunset) of San Francisco, take a spin down the Great Highway frontage road near Rivera.

Agave & friends

Anyone have any guesses about this hot little Agave in the middle of an Aeonium, Senecio, Dudleya party? I’m guessing Agave scabra, but really have no clue.

Agave attenuatas are still looking sweet

Agave parryi cuties

Inspired by the neighbors?

Just a half block down from the Greatest Highway Garden we spotted the patch o’succulents happening. Hurray for fellow beach dwellers doing something with their front “lawns”! Just because we live in the foggiest place on earth, does not mean we can’t grow cool things. We have excellent drainage.

Name that Kalanchoe

This beauty is a couple blocks south of the gardens above, but every time we drive by I make Matti slow down so I can ogle this fuzzy creature. What the heck Kalanchoe is it? I’m guessing Kalanchoe beharensis, only after a brief internet search.

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