Ridiculously Rosey Ribes

Ribes sanguineum love

After tiptoeing through the tulips at the Dutch Windmill two weekends ago we headed east, and found a bunch of Ribes sanguineums putting on a show near the bathroom (I think it’s a bathroom) close to Chain of Lakes, off the bike path. Truthfully, they were all over the place, but these guys were extra floriferous. How can you not love this California native? I didn’t sniff the leaves, but according to Anni J. at Annie’s they have a “delightful resinous scent” which means deer don’t like them.

Ribes sanguineum & big bumble bee

The bees and hummingbirds go nuts for it including this fatty bumbler.

One last shot

Hurray for Ribes! If we had more garden real estate I’d plant one in a second, but they can get upwards of eight feet tall and wide. They’re also deciduous. After many years of living with deciduousness in Wisconsin, we tend to go for evergreen plants. We’ll get over it, eventually. Oh yeah, they’re drought tolerant as heck, too! For more pics of our trek through Golden Gate Park check em’ out here.

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