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  • Last Garden Show Post…I Swear

    A Modern Homestead – Flowers in fireworks crates The SF Garden Show in San Mateo ended this past weekend. The kid’s Sproutopia rocked, and the pro were on their game. We wanted to point out a couple that caught our eye. Star Apple Edible Garden brought the garden to the garden show. They had a […]

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  • Sproutopia Stole the Show

    Under the Sea The SF Garden Show in San Mateo held Sproutopia, the kids gardens. One part diorama, two parts kids’ garden design…100% fun.  Top and center is my fave, the Under the Sea Garden.  Of course, I am a sucker for anything with a Crassula ovina ‘Gollum’. The Evil Garden I believe that the […]

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  • Hipsta SF Garden Show

    Yesterday I braved the pissing down rains and gusty winds to hit up the SF Flower and Garden Show in San Mateo. It’s interesting. Last year’s show was better, but I’m not going to go all Debbie downer here. After taking a couple crappy pictures with the DSLR, I decided to bust out the Hipstamatic […]

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  • Outerlands Succulent Gardens

    Lewd Aeonium We blogged about this amazing stretch of succulent awesomeness about a year ago. I’ve been in love with it ever since we moved to San Francisco. If you find yourself in the outerlands (Outer Sunset) of San Francisco, take a spin down the Great Highway frontage road near Rivera. Agave & friends Anyone […]

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  • Houseplanty Happiness

    Nepenthes sanguinea Mister Nepenthes sanguinea is getting huge! He’s been popping out pitchers fairly consistently, but they’re get bigger and bigger. I just busted out the tape measure, and they’re six inches long! Maybe the ant feed back in October has something to do with his success? Here’s another picture of Matti holding him up […]

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  • Hate it? Ditch it!

    Cape Honeysuckle Before Don’t get me wrong, Tecoma capensis (Cape Honeysuckle) is a decent plant if you have some space, and don’t hack the living crap out of it a month or two before it’s supposed to bloom (late fall through winter). I bought it about two  years ago, wooed by the picture on the […]

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  • March Bloomiferous Madness

    Wholly crap it’s doing something!!!! Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day! Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting blooms around the world on the 15th of every month. First up is our Guzmania (not really sure which one it is). This is one of our very first houseplants we brought home when we first moved to […]

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  • Annies Hodgepodge

    Gazania krebsiana – Terracotta Gazania About a month ago, I took the day off and head over to Annie’s Annual.  The sun was just coming up, and the plants were looking striking such as this Gazania krebsiana .  South African native…I read that this low growing ground cover is a source of food for some […]

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  • The Albany Bulb

    Warning! Hazardous shoreline. Ahh, the Albany Bulb.  So many things to so many people.  17% dog park, 23% urban homestead, 39.5% outsider art, & 109% Anarchy.  We heard about this place from a friend, and finally ventured there.  This is not exactly our typical plant post, but it does fall into the unusual category. Concrete […]

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  • C’mon ‘N Ride It

      The Bridge, Dutch Windmill and Train! We’re slackers. How lame is it to blog about something that’s been going on for months (since November), but is about to close in four days? Until March 13th (this Sunday) you can still get your butt over to the Conservatory of Flowers for some Garden Railway action.  […]