Traipsing Through The Tulips

Tulip time

Last Sunday Matti and I walked over to the Dutch (North) Windmill in Golden Gate Park to check out the tulip action. They had taken quite a beating from the storm the night before, but were still looking tulipy.


Way back in 1902 the windmill was built to irrigate the plants in Golden Gate Park. A year later a cottage was built for the caretaker, who not only made sure the windmill was positioned to harness the wind, but raised veggies for the animals in Golden Gate Park. I was surprised to learn that both of the windmills in the park were on their way to being obsolete in 1913, when motorized pumps were installed. The second windmill, only a block and a half from our place is still undergoing renovation.

More tulips

Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Eleanor Rossi Crabtree, the windmill was restored in 1980 after falling in to major disrepair. The Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden was created too. I’ve been trying to find some info about the tulips, but haven’t been able to find any info about them. Anyone know anything about them?

Close up

Tired tulips

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