Birthday Booty

I typically don’t ask for much on my birthday, but this year I made one special request…to take the day off and immerse myself at Annie’s Annuals, aka rare plant central.

Othonna capensis ‘Little Pickles’

Othonna capensis ‘Little Pickles’

After wandering the grounds for hours, I narrowed down my birthday loot to these couple of plants.  After getting home, we wasted no time getting these succulents from the car and into our garden.

Front and center above is my Little Pickles plant (Othonna capensis ‘Little Pickles’). The name is so cute; I want to pinch its cheeks.  Ahh, you may be noticing our Echeveria on the top right is having a tough winter.

Impatiens nyungwensis

Impatiens nyungwensis

I flipped out when I stumbled upon Impatiens nyungwensis.  I can’t say it’s truly a succulent, but the stem is fleshy.  BTW, it’s the curvy plant with the ultra cool scarlet flowers trailing on the far right side of the pot.  Look closely.  You can see little roots popping out of the nodes along the stem.  Seems like it will root in well as it sprawls across the dirt.

Aeonium lancerottense (small rosette left side)

Aeonium lancerottense (small rosette left side)

I took this succulent from its momma a little early (w/ permission), but plan to nurse it along until its pre-teen years.  I’m talking about that tiny aeonium rosette with the purplish pink margins near the center of the photo above, Aeonium lancerottense.  I can’t wait to see how long before it get those awesome branchy florescence.

Titanopsis calcarea

Titanopsis calcarea

Titanopsis calcarea name loosely translates to limestone looking plant that grows on chalk…OR maybe another way to say it is…Acidic Hating Stone Plant.  Not certain how it will do in our garden, but you never know until you try.

Crithmum maritimum

Rock Samphire – Crithmum maritimum

I found this Rock Samphire (Crithmum maritimum) early in the morning.  I wasn’t sold on it at first, but kept coming back to it all day.  It’s has that beach scrub quality to it.  I think the unruly foliage will mix things up in this part of the garden.

Golden Sedum - Sedum x adolphii

Golden Sedum – Sedum x adolphii

I selected this plant for one reason…we can always use some more non-green color in the garden.  Dead center is Golden Sedum (Sedum X adolphii).  Funny thing, I thought it was a Grapto the whole time.  Fortunately, Megan set me straight.  A little embarrassing for a man who loves sedums so much, but it sure looks like a golden variety of our Graptopetalum paraguayense that we have growing all over the place.

Senecio serpens

Blue Chalksticks – Senecio serpens

This guy gives Little Pickles a run for the money for cuteness, Blue Chalksticks (Senecio serpens).  Quick story.  In less than 24 hours, it was attacked by something rooting around in our garden.  The gophers don’t bother our plants much this time of year, and we suspect there’s a skunk running amok.  After accessing the damage, we salvageable some pieces and shoved them back in the dirt.  Good as new, huh?

— Far Out Flora

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