Weekend Backyard Action

Pile of Crassula falcata

Yesterday we took advantage of the sunny, sixty something degree day by going nuts in the garden. I brought home twelve new plants from work, we also had quite a few homeless guys on the table. They all made it in to the ground! I started out the morning hacking down, and ripping out the gnarly looking Crassula falcata. Don’t worry, I saved and replanted a few chunks in a different spot. The Senecio vitalis got a massive hair cut too (I think it’s finally dodder free).

Crassula alba var. parvisepala

Check out the sexy  Crassula alba var. parvisepala I planted in the new free space!  I moved the Euphorbia rigida from it’s spot in the back and planted our new Plectranthus tomentosa  in the open real estate too.

I don’t even miss the falcata

The pot with Correa pulchella got spun around, so it starts growing the other direction. I also planted a new Digitalis obscura in there. We really like to cram stuff in.

Coreopsis gigantea love

Hooray for Coreopsis gigantea! It’s not only weird, it’s a California native. According to the description, large 4″ wide sunflower like flowers will start to pop out in February. If we’re lucky, it will grow four feet tall on its freaky trunk.

Before Matti’s Makeover

I saved the best for last. Matti’s been itching to rehaul the overgrown corner next to the Agave americana for quite some time. Here’s a shot of the corner from last year (it was even overgrown and crappy looking back then).

In progress

He cleared out a big mess of Aeonium, Senecio mandraliscae, and a bunch of other stuff for a massive rearrange. I made him rip out an Opuntia from a different part of the garden (it was blocking the view of the Aloe plicatilis) and shove it in the new space (or chuck it).

The Dramatic After

Matti went crazy with the revamped corner! He jammed all kinds of good stuff in there, including brand new Aeonium rubrolineatum.

Unobstructed Aloe plicatilis

No more big honking, pokey, Opuntia to block the view or attack us when weeding! We blogged about the planting of this cool dude back July.

Matti’s first Primula

I was a little surprised when I saw Primula auricula ‘Angelo Hayes’ on Matti’s wish list. It’s cool! These are just a few of the new plants that went in yesterday. I’m sure the rest of the new plant babies will turn up in blogs down the road. I have big plans to turn the middle of the yard space in to a California native wonderland, instead of the plant dumping ground it is right now.

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