January Bloom Day Fun


Tillandsia crocata

It’s January 14th almost 15th, which means it’s May Dreams Gardens, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day time. We’ve got some blooms going on. This cute little Tillandsia crocata was a souvenir from our trip down south. It’s eeny weeny little yellow flower is surprisingly fragrant. We’ll be blogging about Rainforest Flora (epiphyte heaven on earth) eventually, but you can check out all our pictures from our trip here. Warning, many of the plants blooming in January were also blooming in December. Lots of repeats.

Cestrum newellii & friends

The Cestrum’s growing up. Matti no longer hates it, but I don’t think he’s learned its name. It seems like it always has flowers on it. It had a freak huge shoot that was so heavy it almost ripped the plant out of the ground, but I hacked it down and used the decorative rusty ball to stabilize the situation. That’s an Agave ‘Blue Glow’ hanging out in front. Renee, check out your Euphorbia wulfenii babies hiding back there. They’re getting big!

Alonsoa meridonalis ‘Red’ & Friends

I’m still loving Alonsoa meridonalis ‘Red’. It’s only been in the container for a little more than a month, and it keeps on blooming

Cerinthe retorta in the wind

Surprise, surprise, the Cerinthe retorta is still in bloom. The Aeonium is getting huge!

Aeonium spathulatum var. cruentum

Okay, almost every one of these plants was in last months bloom day post. I think Aeonium spathulatum var. cruentum has had flowers on it since August, maybe even earlier.

Garage Sale Aeonium

Maybe a year and a half ago we hit up a garage sale. We bought a wagon and the lady at the sale threw in a couple tall stalks of Aeoniums. They’re starting to freak out. That’s Fuchsia glazioviana poking through from the right side of the picture. It’s been freaking out for awhile now.

They’re not technically blooms…

There’s nothing really blooming in this picture, but the Aeoniums are looking extra sexy with all the rain. They’re bloom-like.

Leonotis menthifolia

This was one of my first plant babies from Annie’s. Leonotis menthifolia just went in the ground in late October, and I’m loving it so far. I probably should have pulled some weeds before taking this picture. All in all, it’s not bad for January. Here’s a link to all our backyard pics from this month.

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