Happy New Years Rehash

Here’s our kind of lame list of the most popular blogs from the last year:

Succulent Gardens Containers

Succulent Gardens Containers was hands down the favorite of the year.  And why not…Robin Stockwell is the succulent king.

What? Free Mulch

Nothing is more fun than a little road trip adventure…even if  What? Free Mulch was just a mini sized trip across town.  Hands got dirty, the car never smelled more aromatic, and a great time was had by all.

California Carnivores

Seems like we only make it up to Sebastopol only a handful of times per year…but every time we do, we swing by California Carnivores.  From Drosera to Nepenthes to Sarracenia and more this place has some of the most wonderful bug eating plants.

Plant ID: Foxglove, Rose, Daisy

Okay, Plant ID: Foxglove, Rose, Daisy was a surprise.  Week 9 of our Spring Plant ID class seemed to connect with a lot more people than we thought.  Special shout out goes to Malcolm.

Greatest Highway Garden

We drive by this garden a couple times per week and can safely say…it is the Greatest Highway Garden. Looking forward to 2011!

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