Happy Roadside Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Far Out Flora…Northern California Style!  The Northern Roadtrip to Northern CA was a success.  Here’s a taste of the roadside sweet finds such as this creepy santa tree just north of the Sea Ranch Chapel.

Bouy House

Buoy House – somewhere along Coastal Hwy 1

Druid Cemetery - Coffey's Cove

Druid Cemetery – Cuffey’s Cove

We made a stop at Cuffey’s Cove, a circa 1850′s local settlement near Elk CA.  Not much remains except the cemetery.  Here’s one of the entry gates. Druid section in the graveyard? Awesome.

Drive Thru Tree - Leggett CA

Drive Thru Tree – Leggett CA

The Drive Thru Tree is about 2000 years old found in Leggett CA.  Not certain when they decided it was a good idea to saw a big hole through it…but have to say…sorta cool.

Elk Meadow, Orick CA

Elk Meadow – Orick CA

Who knew that you could see a ton of elk just lying around near the road just  outside of Orick CA. Here’s a funny one.  As we made our approach to Elk Meadow, the car ahead was literally getting charge by one of the elk.  Hum.  Somehow, we still felt safe…and a good idea to get out of the car to take a closer look.  Ahh…the magic of a roadside attraction and its ability to make you toss all good judgment out the window.

Elk, elk, and more elk.

Elk, elk, and more elk.

Redwood Trails

Redwood Trails

Chainsaw sculptures fill the wayside at Redwood Trails outside of Trinidad CA.  Check out that mega Agave (Agave americana var. marginata)!

Giant Man Walkin'

Giant Man Walkin’

Seems like every mile, you can see some outsider-esque chainsawed art.  This guy was found along the Ave of the Giants.

Corn...Giant Corn.

Corn…Giant Corn.

Also along old Hwy 1, we found the Big Corn Monument near Pepperwood CA.  Corny huh?

So Matti, Megan, and Max are now headed to Southern California.  We hear there’s a bunch of unusual plants and gardens down there.  Stay tune.

– Far Out Flora

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