December Bloom Day

Cerinthe retorta

It’s the 15th of December, which means Garden Bloggers Bloomday is in action (at least for us lucky enough to live in places where things are blooming in December.) We planted this cool Cerinthe retorta maybe a month or two ago. I freaked out with joy when I learned that there was another option for Cerinthe besides Cerinthe major purpurascens. Don’t get me wrong, major is cool and all, but we had mass quantities of it back in September.

Alonsoa meridionalis ‘Red’

This is another relatively new guy from Annie’s. I was sold when I read that it was in full bloom through Winter in Annie’s garden.

Aeonium spathulatum var. cruentum

Oh look another plant from Annie’s :) We’ve had this guy since last Spring. It’s been blooming for a few months now, but looks like it’s coming to an end. I love it.

Echeveria nodulosa

I almost missed this flower hiding on the shadier side of the garden. Renee R. those are a couple of your baby Euphorbia wulfeniis hiding back there. They’re almost all grown up.

Fuchsia ‘Frou Frou’

Not sure what the species is on this guy, so I call it frou frou. It took a tiny little bloom break for a few weeks, but is back in action. Anyone know which one it might be?

Aloe arborescens

Good old dumpster aloe is at it again showing off.  It has two more buds on it.

Drocera binata T. form

These tiny little flowers are from our carnivore friend Drocera binata T. form (the link will take you to California Carnivore’s page for it, click on View Larger Image for the really cool pic). It’s a red sundew. Apparently it needs a chilly/frosty winter dormancy. Oops! Ours is still in the window. Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting Bloom Day!

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