A Bleak Neighborhood Is Revived

Gotta love the Great Highway

Gotta love the Great Highway

The New York Times did a little slideshow/bit about our neighborhood about two weekends ago, which described it as bleak (now revived of course). We’re walking distance to most of the places they uncover, and now feel extra cool doing so;) One of the best revivals way out here on the edge of the western world is the new section of La Playa Park.

Echeveria ‘Black Prince’

I’d love to say we were an integral part of this amazing new section of community garden goodness, but that would be a lie. Didn’t really even check it out all close and personal until a few weeks ago. There’s still yellow caution tape up around the unfinished, yet going to be totally awesome bocce ball courts.

Dudleya sp.

How can you not be happy to see Dudleyas all over the place?  There are lots of happening natives going on.

Native Alley

Quite a bit of the new garden has attractive hardscaping, but I love that the designers let this section go a little wild.

La Playa is where the MUNI N-Judah end.  (western end of the world)

La Playa is where the MUNI N-Judah ends. (Western end of the world)

Well…we knew our hood is getting more hip since Sunset Magazine called out Outer Sunset back in January.  Even with the speed of the internet…it still takes almost a year for news to travel from West to the East Coast LOL.


Growing Veggies Too

Growing Veggies Too

Man, they even have a veggie section too.  From Artichokes to Zucchini they’re growing fo0d.  Okay…that may actually be squash just above, but you really can’t say from A to S now can ya.

So we’ll be picking a winner this weekend for our Succulent Cuttings Giveaway.  We’ve about 2 dozen great pics on our Facebook already…and we’re excited about sharing some of our garden.  Good luck all!

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