Want To Win Succulents?

Gnomes getting busy

We spent the rainy Sunday afternoon shoving succulent cuttings in to glass things. I cut a bunch of a stuff from the backyard Saturday pre-rain. The gnomes had some fun before we got going. We keep telling them to lay off the beer, but they don’t listen.


Globes of goodness

I bought some glass globe tea light holders at CB2. Hoping they can hold the extra weight of all that stuff.We’ll find out.


Abandoned car

Beercan parking lot

Nothing’s classier than beer cans and broken down cars. Here are a more “natural” terrarium we made.

Recycled glass chunks


Glasses of fun

Matti made these adorable little terrariums out of little glasses. His juxtaposition of the ballerina and shotgun on the right is truly brilliant, and a little scary.


Want these?

So here’s where the succulents for you part comes in. We saved some cuttings from out back for one lucky succulent junkie. It’s a little bit of everything. We’ll also throw in a little glass bowl with a couple of weird little plastic things to put in to it. You can check out all our terrarium madness pics on flickr here (we made pirate & Hawaiian terrariums too). All you need to do to enter is post a picture of a succulent on our facebook page by Saturday, December 11th, 5PM PST We’ll use some sort of randomizer to choose a winner. WARNING: it’s quite likely you’ll receive more plants than pictured above :)

*Sadly we’re not able to ship to those in exotic locations (you gotta live in the US with the exception of Hawaii). Hawaii doesn’t like unknown plants coming in, but hey you live in Hawaii so we don’t feel too bad.

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