Sea Ranch Chapel

The Sea Ranch Chapel

We’re on the road! Thanksgiving day we drove from San Francisco to Fort Bragg, cutting over to the coast at Point Arena. We stopped at the Sea Ranch Chapel off of Highway One 110 miles north of SF. It’s  a non-denominational sanctuary for prayer, meditation, and spiritual renewal. Here’s some  info I pulled from the website: “The Chapel was the gift of Sea Ranch residents Robert and Betty Buffum, who envisioned a place for meditation and spiritual renewal at the Sea Ranch. Their interest and generosity spanned every aspect of realizing this vision: purchasing the site, engaging the architect, financing the construction, and endowing a foundation for the maintenance of the Chapel.”

The Sea Ranch Chapel

“The Buffums were familiar with the work of internationally renowned San Diego artist and architect James T. Hubbell, and engaged him to design the Chapel. Hubbell has received numerous awards for his work in design, sculpture, wood, glass, stone, and metal.”

Inside the Chapel

Looking outside

Another View

Grevillea Goodness

On the short walk to the chapel from the parking lot are big, beautiful Grevillea shrubs. We definitely recommend stopping by if you find yourself in Sea Ranch.

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