Cranking Out Containers

Fish Full of Succulents

Two weekends ago we spent both sunny warm days playing in the garden. When I wasn’t shoving teeny little succulents in globes, I was shoving bigger succulents in this plastic fish we bought for a dollar in Alameda (shout out to Aunt Debbie for taking us to a great “store” of stuff left behind in storage spaces). Matti drilled a few holes in the bottom, I threw in some dirt and cut some stuff out of the garden.

Unicorn of the Succulents

Matti spent some quality time fluffing (completely repotting) some sad looking containers. This funky vintage find came from my old co-worker Tim. It’s hard to see in this picture, but it has gold specks all over it.  Our succulent containers are becoming more and more diverse (cool) as our collection gets bigger and bigger.


Kangaroos are still kicking it

Click here for a before pic of two roos above from July 30th. They seem to be happy in the pouch. Matti drilled some holes in the last of them and we planted them up:


Pouch full of Aeonium spathulatum var. cruentum

Pouches o’ Sedum ‘Angelina’ & Oscularia deltoides

Pouch of Sedum forsterianum ssp. elegans ‘Silver Stone’

We’re headed up north to Fort Bragg, then Eureka for the long weekend. If you have any garden, or even non-garden recommendations of things to check out let us know.

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