Going Glass Globe Crazy

Four Pack of Fun

Some time after Christmas last year I found these glass ornaments super crazy cheap at Crate & Barrel. They sat on a pile of boxes  in a box next to our bookshelf for months, until this past Sunday. I’d forgotten we even had them, until I opened up the mystery box in search of other glass containers for some Sunday terrarium making fun.

Staying Green

I threw a little bit of gravel in the bottom (for drainage), dumped in some potting soil, clipped a little handful of mostly green sedums and a few other friends that will stay small and made the above. Not bad for my first shot. The beach pebbles helped keep the teeny little guys stabilized. Theoretically I should have let the cuttings sit for a day or two so the cut portion dried out, thus sealing the wound… but I didn’t, and rarely do.

Glaucas Globe

I went with a glaucas (silvery grey) theme for the next ball, except for that freak Crassula lycopodioides in the front. We have an excellent selection of little succulents to cut from thanks to Matti for starting a collection of succulent groundcovers several months ago.  They’re great terrarium plants.

Variety Pack

For the last globe of succulent awesomeness I mixed it up. This one got a little bit of everything from around the yard.

The Insanity Begins

Last Spring one of our awesome classmates from Plant ID class traveled to somewhere in the Southwest and brought us back a little cacti growing kit. It was successful! In an act of pure craziness, I used tweezers and replanted them in a glass globe. Evidence of my insanity below:


The beginning

More Cuteness


They might freak out and die, but we’ve had success with other cacti babies in a non-draining situation. The key is not going crazy with water. I couldn’t cram them all in the globe, so a few joined the Bull. It could be a big disaster, but it looks pretty rad right now. For pictures of all my terrarium escapades on Sunday check out the flickr set.

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