Our Garden Goodness

Aloe plicatilis

We spent the entire beautiful Saturday playing around in the garden taking pictures of stuff. I think almost everything waiting to get planted went in the ground. I went a little crazy and hacked our passionflower in to nothing. Vermin liked to frolic in it. Matti got the lawn (more like dirt patch) ready for some seed.

Mystery succulent

We picked up this mystery succulent in Morro Bay at The Garden Gallery last January. The kid working there told us what it was, and we immediately forgot. It’s getting pretty big. Anyone know what it is?

Gratuitous Succulent Containers Shot


Another Gratuitous Succulents in the Ground Shot

Echium wildpretii

The wildpretii keeps getting bigger and bigger. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but we put it in a container. It’s a big container, but still. I’m worried that when/if it flowers it won’t be very stable. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will flower this Spring.

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