Aeoniums Are Awesome


Aeonium simsii

While uploading mass quantities of pictures to flickr I realized that we have a lot of pictures of Aeoniums. We even own the big fancy book Aeonium In Habitat and Cultivation by Rudolf Schulz. They love life in Outer Sunset and grow like weeds. For a short time I was almost sick of them, until I realized how many crazy species are out there. A couple days ago I brought home the beautiful Aeonium simsii from Annie’s. It’s hairy!


Aeonium urbicum

We hit up the Canary Island section of UC-Berkeley’s Botanical Garden a while back and took  a bunch of pictures of their rare Aeoniums. Most Aeoniums are endemic to the Canary Islands, but a few can be found in Madeira and eastern Africa. I want one of these. Actually five or six would make a cool little Aeonium mini forest. Aeonium urbicum can grow up to six feet tall and doesn’t branch. I like that there’s lots of room for more plants underneath this mega-aeonium.

Aeonium manriqueorum

Hmmm… I’ve consulted my bible of Aeonium and am still a little confused. It sounds like Aeonium manriqueorum is the old school name for Aeonium arboreum. I have to admit that I still can’t identify quite a few of the Aeoniums in our backyard, even with the help of the bible.


Aeonium glutinosum

Aeonium glutinosum’s name refers to the super sticky flowers, even bugs get stuck in them. It sounds a wee bit gross. Some sources say the leaves are sticky too. Check out our flickr Aeonium Set for more pics. Annie’s has a great selection of super rare hard to find Aeoniums. Besides having cool big rosettes and crazy yellow flowers, Aeoniums love Winter rain. Some of our succulents get a little crabby when the wet rainy season hits, but these guys love it. For even more Aeonium maddness check out Matti’s post for Ocean Beach Bulletin a few weeks back.


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