Small Garden Patches

The rain is back in SF and the plants are getting a good washing.  Funny…I thought some plants had purple foliage, but turns out…just a lot of dust on them.  Poking around between the drops we spotted these small patches.  Most of our hood is all concrete from the street to the houses…Front sidewalk garden

But a couple houses have busted up some concrete for small gardens.  I picked this one for the nice contrast of plants.  If you have a small space, you may as well make the most of color and texture.  Hum..looks like some Begonias, Phormium, and Calla Lily to name a few. Front sidewalk gardenThis is an older planting.  Tall ones are Aloe arborescens, and Aeoniums on the bottom.  Bottlebrush

I’m always a sucker for these bottlebrush flowers.  Looks like a Callistemon lemmonii or possibly C. citrinus.  Front sidewalk gardenMy fave was this newly planted garden of succulents.  Great combo of Crassula, Graptopetalum (?), Jade, and sempervivum.  Spaced just right to fill in with all the winter rains.  It’s gonna look sweet soon.

– Far Out Flora

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