It’s October, and things are blooming!


Crassula corymbulosa “Red Pagoda” *


Happy October Bloom Day! We’ve got stuff blooming in our backyard right now. A couple succulents are doing cool things. This  Red Pagoda rocks! Sounds like this guy is going to shatter in to a bunch of  little leaves after the flower is spent. New babies will pop up from them.


What the heck is this?


When we were at Flora Grubb a few weeks ago we saw a larger version of this fuzzy, puff ball flowered thing. I have no idea where we got it or what it is. Help! It tolerates getting peed on by the dog every now and again. I thought it might have all died during last winters frost.



Fuchsia ‘Fanfare’


Hurray for Fuchsia ‘Fanfare’! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a new fuchsia soon. Annie’s Annuals (my new employer) has a VERY generous employee discount.  I’m not going to say what it is exactly, but I almost fainted when they told me about it. We (Matti) didn’t rip out those agaves for the heck of it, we were making room for new plant babies.


Aeonium spathulatum var. cruentum


This might be the cutest darn aeonium in town.


Orostachys iwarenge “Chinese Dunce Cap”


Another adorable succulent that’s been really easy to spread around. A few months ago I sprinkled a few little cuttings around and now they have flowers.



Dumpster Aloe


Perhaps the near death experience in someone’s green bin has made this guy a super flower producer. It flowered a few months ago. Right now it has a second big bud ready to fill in when this flower kicks the bucket.



Aristolochia californica “California Pipevine”


This is the second little pipe that’s formed off this CA native vine. I was pretty excited when I spotted the first one a few weeks ago.


I’m pretty sure this is a Christmas cactus, but it bloomed in March and has five or six flowers on it right now. Maybe it’s confused? Happy blooms!


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