Excavating Agave and Aloe


Awe, they’re so cute together


Way back when we first moved to SF we picked up a free Agave americana we found on craigslist. It came with a couple cute little babies too. We had no idea that these guys could get up to thirteen feet wide. This weekend Matti dug up a bunch of our agave babies before they got crazy huge. Poor Matti looks like he got in a fight with the raccoon out back.


Agave removal, success!


After giving the big momma a trim, Matti got its neighbor out. We’re just leaving the big guy be. It’s not in a good spot, but the only way we could get it out would be to hack it apart completely. It can hang out for a few more years.


Aloe on our gopher eaten lawn

Aloe on our gopher eaten lawn


Thank you Matti for digging up the big honking, pokey aloe arborescens with its crew of babies.


Ripping out more stuff


I went nuts ripping out the easy stuff like Senecio mandraliscae. We have some sort of freakishly huge and fast growing Senecio that has grown over four feet long in some spots. We have tons to spare if anyone wants some.


The graveyard



Jammed with succulents again


After replanting the aloe in the back, Matti continued to rip out the other agaves around the garden. I started filling in the big new space with stuff we had sitting around. There were a couple crabby looking Echeverias in containers, and a little Euphorbia sitting in a gallon pot that needed a home. I’m sure I’ll be moving stuff around again here in a few months.


New home


The big baby went in the middle of our yard, better known as the succulent dumping ground.


Free agaves


The rest went out on the curb and in the compost bin. It’s amazing how many pups these guys can shoot off in just a few short years. It was really cute and exciting at first. Now it’s annoying. Hurray for more space!

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