Nepenthes Eating Ants


Nepenthes sanguinea


What the heck? Our Nepenthes sanguinea (I think it’s ‘pink’) has been gorging on ants recently. We’ve looked all over for aphids and can’t find them anywhere. I think they’re just loving the oozing sap stuff dripping out of the pitchers.


Ant party

It’s a big swarm of ants in a pitcher! Yuck. I went a little crazy with a spray bottle filled with distilled water after this picture was taken. Most of them turned into pitcher plant food.  Or maybe not.  I found an article from Nepenthes from Borneo that says that most Nepenthes don’t eat ants, but offer an exchange of sweet tasting sap.  The ants get the sap in exchange for them attracting bugs that the Nepenthes do eat, and the ants help clean the cups.


Random sundew


I threw this guy in a jar months ago and can’t believe it’s doing this well. We have a couple different sundews, and they’ve all been pretty easy to take care of. So easy I can mess around with all the extra pups by sticking them in glass. All of our carnivores like sitting in water (we’re paranoid and use distilled).

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