Urban Bazaar Loves Succulents


Urban Bazaar at 1371 9th Ave


Instead of hitting Strybing after our Master Gardening class we checked out Urban Bazaar, a cool new store on Irving Street selling all things fair trade and made by local artists. Lots of fun jewelry, funky accessories, succulent containers, and some of the cutest crocheted cacti in town.


Shelves o’plants



More succulent friends


We met owners Brandi and Briana when we busted out the big honking camera and asked to take pictures for our blog.  Briana recently moved back to the Outer Sunset hood and is loving succulents.

I want this plant stand, badly

Urban Bazaar just opened in late July, and the garden out back is starting to fill up with plants. I picture fuchsias everywhere, but I have a fuchsia problem. They plan to use this great space for educational events, crafting classes, art openings and trunk shows. It’s open to just hanging out with a coffee too.


Hurray for succulents



More succulents


Next time you’re checking out Outer Sunset stop on by. It’s only a block away from 9th Ave and Irving. You can also stay in touch via their facebook page and twitter (they tweet cool stuff).

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