East Bay Agave Heaven

Around every corner, UC Berkeley’s Botanical Garden has picturesque views of extraordinary plants.  We spent a lot of time admiring the Agaves.

Hedgehog – Agave stricta

Here’s a sweet bed of Agave stricta, aka Hedgehog.  With stiff, narrow leaves these guys will add a lot of texture to your succulent garden.  Cactus Blog has a quick read on the stats for this pokey plant.

Eve’s Needle – Yucca faxoniana

Eve’s Needle (Yucca faxoniana) has sword like, saw toothed leaves with wispy long hairs at the margins.  Okay, so it’s not an Agave, but does belong to the same family…AGAVACEAE.

Agave party

Sonora State Agave

The light lime color of these sharp guys popped in the landscape.  The ID card says they’re “Sonora State Agave”.  I wasn’t able to find much info on them, but I do know that Sonora, Mexico is located just below the border of Arizona.  Any thoughts on the species?

Graptopetalum goldii (Oaxaca State)

Had to throw in this gratuitous Graptopetalum goldii shot.  It was tucked away in a crevice, and originally collected from Oaxaca State in Mexico.

Whale’s Tongue Agave – Agave ovatifolia

Love the name of this guy…”Whale’s Tongue Agave” (Agave ovatifolia).  I saw last summer that the Queen of Spiky Plants, Danger Garden, picked up one of these compact gems.  Great choice!

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