Hot, Loud, Proud in September

Smokin’ hot

It’s the last day of the month which means it’s time to get Hot, Loud and Proud with A Plant Fanatic In Hawaii. There’s still plenty in bloom in the Bay Area. I snapped pics of these hotties in bloom during my lunch break at Annie’s Annuals.  Yes, I just said lunch break.  The top guy is Coreopsis tinctorium “Calliopsis” and the bottom one I’m not quite sure. It looks similar to ‘Tiger Stripes’ but more rusty orange.

Balls of fire

I’m not sure if it’s possible to get any hotter than the Helichrysum bracteatum ‘Monster Fireball Red’ “Giant Red Strawflower”.

Succulent hotness

Some succulent flowers kind of suck, but not Crassula coccinea. The bright sun makes the flowers look a little pinkish, but they’re true red.


Word on the street is that late Fall is the time to plant your California poppy seeds for Winter/Early Spring blooms. We just picked up some called “Tropical Sunset” from Renee’s Garden.

Hurray for bat-faced flowers!

I love the funky mango tipped head on this Cuphea cyanea “Pink Cigar Plant”. Matti got some good shots of ‘Minnie Mouse’ and ‘Strybing Sunset’ a couple weeks ago at the entrance to the SF Botanical Garden.

Super sunny

The sun exploded! No, it’s just Ursinia anthemoides ‘Solar Fire’. In zone 10 you can plant this guy whenever you want and it will bloom, even in the winter.

Exotic Love Vine

Mina lobata looks a little sexier earlier in the season, but I think it’s still looking very proud. This weekend Oct. 2 & 3rd is Annie’s Fall Planting Party. There will be raffles, supermarket sweep (15 minutes of free shopping), musical chairs and much more. Oh yeah, everything’s going to be on sale (online too).

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