South Africa in Berkeley

Is this place for real?

After three years of living in San Francisco, we finally visited UC Berkeley’s Botanical Garden. I’m extremely embarrassed it took us so long go. We even had free passes, so there really is no excuse. It’s fabulous!  I took TONS of pictures. Today I’m posting pics from the South African section. Many of the coolest succulents around originate from here.

Brunsvigia josephinae with Aloe mitriformis friends

This striking beauty, commonly known as Josephine’s lily is in the Amaryllidaceae family. The foliage happens during the rainy winter season, and then out of nowhere this gigantic flower pops up in late summer after the leaves are long gone. They hang in the same family as my favorite common name plant Naked Lady.

Aloe polyphylla

You gotta love spiral aloes. They’re just so gosh darn cool. Last spring we checked out our friend Rene’s in bloom.

Aloe striata – Coral Aloe

Phylica pubescens I love you!

Earlier this month I fell in love with Phylica pubescens at the SF Botanical Gardens. My love is still going strong for this fuzzy, almost impossible to find plant. Why do you have to be so difficult to propagate beautiful one? Once in a great while Annie’s has it.  Annie’s also has a sweet new blog, hurray!

Athanasia pinnata

Another cutey which Annie’s has  in stock right now. Doesn’t need ANY summer water. The Cape of South Africa is similar to coastal California climate wise. Lucky for us, most of these plants have adapted summers with no rain.

Kalanchoe laxiflora

Machairophyllum bijlii

Thank you UC Botanical Gardens for marking almost every single plant with easy to find labels! Some even have exact locations of where they were collected and dates.

Aloe cryptopoda

This Sunday, September 26th the garden is having their Fall Plant Sale.  They have a really cool available plant list online too. Today Garden For the Environment is celebrating their 20th anniversary with festivities all day long.

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