La Playa Park Succulents

Aloe in cool light

On our walk home from checking out the washed up whale we grabbed a couple shots of the succulents at La Playa Park.  The light was doing some cool things. These are all pics of the older, more established part of the park. Pretty soon we’ll be playing bocce ball when the new section of the park opens 10/10/10. Check out brand new blog, Ocean Beach Bulletin’s post about the grand opening. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be guest blogging about gardening in the outerlands for Ocean Beach Bulletin (maybe even today).

Agave love

You can almost see our house in the background. We’re that little slice of a place on the far left.

Danger Garden don’t cry

This is quite possibly the safest Agave americana in town. It’s been pineappled to the point it’s almost gone. Loree from awesome Danger Garden is probably getting a little teary eyed at this sight.

Cotyledon cutting

This little cotyledon came from us.We bring over our extra succulents and stick them in every now and then.

Senecio friend

Here’s another little guy we stuck in. We almost always have mass quantities of senecio in our backyard, sp . There are a couple spots open for our Staghorn Fern Mounting class tomorrow afternoon. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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