Sunny SF Botanical Garden

Papaver commutatum ‘Ladybird’

We just went to our very first UCCE Master Gardener class at the County Fair building next to SF Botanical Gardens. We’re officially trainees! We’ll be posting more cool information about our new adventure in becoming masters in a couple days, and plan to post about our favorite learning weekly. We took a couple pictures on our lunch break and on the walk home (yes, I just said walk). Cutest poppy ever! Annie’s doesn’t have it in stock at this moment, but I’m sure it will be back again. Put it on your wish list.

Fragrance fun

A pretty picture from the fragrance garden. Summer is finally here in San Francisco. Temperatures were in the eighties today. This morning we woke up to blue skies at the beach.  “Fogust” is officially over with.

More dang crocosmia

It’s hard to go anywhere in Golden Gate Park right now without seeing a huge, flowering mound of these guys. Matti dedicated a cool post to these guys recently. I love anything with orange red flowers.

Naked ladies!

Amaryllis belladonna AKA Naked Ladies are blooming in the South African/Mediterranean garden. The only thing that shoots out is a bare stem with pink flowers. No fancy foliage.

Phylica pubescens

Never seen this cool guy before. I just googled it, and Annie’s sometimes has it. It’s hard to propagate, so there’s a very long waiting list to get one of these cool plants. This makes me want it even more.

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