Worm house

The worms are still kickin it in their Wriggly Ranch. This is the top layer which is mostly chopped up newspaper and food.

Worm food

We keep the worm food in a plastic bin in the freezer. Freezing the scraps helps speed up the breakdown process of the veggies. It keeps our kitchen from getting smelly and bug filled. We don’t have a regular feeding schedule for them. It all depends on our scraps. They love mangoes, and I’ve seen them playing in the toilet paper tubes.

Caffeine crazed

Here’s a little dude hanging out in an old coffee filter and grounds. We drink a lot of coffee, so we don’t feed it all to the worms. There’s a green bin for all the stuff that doesn’t turn in to worm food.

Another layer

This is the fabulous second layer from the top. This is where I see the most worms. It’s been kind of slow going. I think I could feed them more often. We’ve never had to rotate our levels yet.

The bottom

This is the very bottom layer, full of fabulous worm droppings. I poke around at it, but have never made tea. If anyone has recommendations let me know. Here’s what I did with my juice.


There are a couple of dead guys, but not too bad. I sprayed the hose in there to dilute it a little. Next I poured it in to a watering can. I think I watered it down again and dumped it all over the plants. There has to be a more precise method, but nothing seems to be unhappy with their worm juice bath. A while back we found a Wriggly Ranch on the side of the street.  If anyone wants it, and lives in the Bay Area it’s up for grabs. One worm bin is enough for us.

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