Berkeley Botanicals

While delivering a library table yesterday in Berkeley CA, I was offered the pleasure to check out their back garden. It has a ton of beds, sitting areas, and garden art…but has been neglected for the past four years. Really…it has a sound foundation…it just needs a little plant shuffling.

Red berries

Red berries

These fruits were from a long stalk of a flower. Not familiar with this one… Anybody have a guess?

Senecio with Imp.

Succulent with a little imp.

Cool garden art pieces are found everywhere such as this impish man.

Birdbath of Succulents

Birdbath of Succulents

Sedum rubrotinctum with an Aloe ssp in a birdbath. I love the common name for the Sedum….Pork and Beans…and that tiny statue guy poking his nose out the side of the bath.

Hibiscus species.

Hibiscus sp.

Marigold - Tagetes species.

Marigold – Tagetes species.

Ahh…the Marigolds. They have the scent that you either hate or love. The smell of them instantly brings me back to my grandmothers home where she planted two huge beds of them every spring.

– Far Out Flora

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