Happy House Plants

Carnivores packed in like sardines

We haven’t posted very many inside plant pictures lately. We have a lot of indoor plants. Some of them are a bit abused, but most of them are happy. I kind of feel like I need to do a big rearrange.

Green flame fern

This guy was a birthday present for Matti back in February. It’s a Microsorum punctatum ‘Green Flame’. I call it the decorative lettuce plant. It’s weird. So far it hasn’t been a pest magnet or anything. I think the Cryptanthus was a birthday present too. The bigger it gets the more I like it.


Bad gnome

I could make passed out drunken gnome terrariums all day. This guy had a few too many Schlitzes.


Another one

I put this one together a few weeks ago, and it’s looking good.  There’s been some talk about succulents in terrariums being bad. I wouldn’t put a prized succulent specimen in a terrarium, but I’ve had quite a bit of success with succulents in non-draining containers.  The key is to not over water. Speaking of terrariums, we’ll be teaching a terrarium class at Workshop. this Sunday afternoon, August 29th.

Basket of awesome

I’m pretty attached to this Sedum burrito.

Bromeliad love

This guzmania has been around for awhile. It was one of the first houseplants I bought.  It just recently started looking decent again. There were a few moments when I almost set it “free” in the backyard to fend for itself.

Senecio herreanus

We brought this Senecio home from the Succulent Society back in February. We liked it so much we bought two. I put one outside a couple months ago and it’s not happy.

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