Sweet Succulents In Our Garden

Echeveria love

Way back in the day we only had one Echeveria gibbiflora. Now we have at least three decent sized ruffle heads. We’ve had quite a few sunny days recently, so I took a bunch of pictures of our succulents out back.

Dunce caps are starting to happen

How adorable is this Orostachys iwarenge from Annie’s Annuals? I can’t wait for the cool flowers.


Sexy Kalanchoe sexangularis

We have a lot of random things jammed in all over the place. I’m not so sure this guy is really sexy, but I like it.


Santa Barbara Liveforever – Dudleya traskiae

I’m pretty sure this is a Dudleya traskiae from Annie’s. It’s been around for awhile.


A bunch of stuff

I hacked the sad looking tops off the Senecio vitalis recently. Ever since I let the evil parasite dodder attack it, it’s never been the same. I thought it was a bizarre orange part of the plant, but it turned out to be choking the life out of the Senecio. It took me hours to peel it off.  The Crassula falcata is looking a little tough, but it has a bunch of buds.


Aeonium spathulatum var. cruentum

I love this cute little guy. Another one from rock star Annie’s Annuals. We usually head straight for the succulent section.


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