Sunset Succulent Street

Succulent lawn

On our way home from the unsuccessful quest for sun this weekend, we cruised down the Great Highway frontage road to take some pictures of succulent beach gardens. Growing succulents in the sandy Outer Sunset soil is easy. They love it out here. All of these garden pics were taken within a mile or so of our place.

Next door from the first picture

I thought this was a cute little front patch. Nothing too fancy, but at least they did something.  A lot of the people that do have space out front don’t do anything with it except grow weed patches. I attribute it to the large number of renters.

The Greatest Highway Garden

We did an entire post about this SWEET succulent garden back in March. You gotta love flowering cotyledon.

What the heck?

We were never able to figure out what this purple thing is. It looks like a freaky polka dotted attenuata. If you click on the picture it will let you zoom in for a closer look. There are more pictures of it in our Greatest Highway Garden post too.

Aloe alley

All kinds of aloe growing here. No Outer Sunset garden is complete without some Aeoniums. They grow like weeds. I’ve been known to put them in the compost bin along with Senecio.

Aloe wall

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