Three Years in San Francisco

Three years ago today we rolled in to San Francisco from Madison, Wisconsin. Here’s a picture of me in front of the old Madison house in the Willy St neighborhood.

Madison house

Check out my sedum in the bottom right hand corner. The plants on the other side of the steps were chewed up by Japanese beetles, not that they were all that exciting to begin with. Now I can garden all year long!

Corn Palace

We decided that South Dakota was worth the extra miles for all the cool roadside attractions. We also stopped at the Badlands, Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore and cruised through Yellowstone on the way out.

Oregon Coast

The entire drive across the country it was 90+ degrees. As soon as we hit the coast it dropped to 60. We were a little shocked.


We took highway 101 all the way down the coast, and picked up hwy 1 as soon as it started in CA. This crazy huge 50 foot statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe is in Klamath, CA at the entrance to Trees of Mystery. Sadly we didn’t check out the crazy trees.

More huge trees

The Avenue of the Giants is amazing. Matti is standing in the middle of the road, but check out our car to the right.  The Redwoods here are ginormous.  We’d love to go up there again for a longer visit.  We took 7 days to drive 3354 miles across the country before finally making it to San Francisco.

Early times

Unfortunately the garden was so crappy when we moved in, that we didn’t take any really early pictures. I wish we had some of the super early days. There weren’t any succulents in the ground back then. This agave was a free craigslist find.  After getting this side of the garden established, we started working on the rest of the garden.

Here it is now

This was taken a couple months ago, but you get the picture. I’m still amazed at how quickly we’ve transformed a nasty weed pit in to a succulent filled, happy space. Thank you San Francisco for giving us an awesome array of plants to learn about and grow.

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