Our New Fan Aloe Friend

Our new baby

Last week I brought this slightly beat up, awesome fan aloe (Aloe plicatilis) home. I work for a home staging company watering plants, and one of our sweet clients offered me this guy when she moved. After 45 minutes of digging, pulling and shaking it finally came out of its container.  Matti wanted to take pictures of the huge bruises on my legs from the fight. I have some nice scrapes on my knuckles too. Even out of the container it weighed at least thirty pounds.

Happy aloe

The opuntia is going to have to go somewhere else, but we couldn’t figure out where. I think we still have a few years before it gets too huge to move.

Something had to be moved

To make room for the aloe we (Matti) dug up the dwarf callistemon and moved it to the succulent corner.  This sad little dude has some sort of nasty bug that likes to hang out on the new bud shoots. I’ve had it for at least two years, and it’s never flowered. A couple weeks ago I started blasting the nasties with some hort oil, and it’s gotten happier. Sometimes I’m kind of lazy when it comes to pest management. He may or may not make it in this not-so-prime spot.

Another aloe friend

Here’s the guy we rescued from a green bin last year. The chilean glory vine is in all its glory behind it. Don’t forget, you can click on the pictures above and then click again for super close ups. We really like to jam stuff in.

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