Cool Contest Container

I won something!

A few weeks ago I entered Life on the Balcony’s contest to win a Deluxe Grow Box from Clean Air Gardening and won! It’s a self watering container. It kind of looks like it had a little accident. Matti drilled overflow holes, so we can use it when it rains without it getting soggy. Max seems to like it.

Planting a tomato at the end of July?  Probably not the best idea. It’s a cherry, so we should still get some babies off of it. We also bought a summer squash, snow peas and Thai basil. Let the vegetable growing experiments begin.

Its new home

The wheels on this puppy make it easy to push around. It’s going to hang out it in this corner for awhile. I love that I can spin it around. It will be exciting to see what happens. The best part is that the gophers can’t get at it. They just took out a massive blooming orange gazania.

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