DIY Staghorn Fern Mounting

Matti at California Carnivores

I did a search for ‘Staghorn’ on our blog, and 12 posts popped up. Ummm, we really like these cool epiphytes. Staghorn Ferns (Platycerium) like to grow on other plants and things, but they don’t suck the life out of their host like a parasite.

Big honking Stag at the Conservatory of Flowers

Matti love stags so much he has developed some really cool and easy mounting techniques that we’ll be teaching at the super cool Workshop near Alamo Square (everything you need to walk away with a mounted stag is included). Our first stag class is Saturday, July 31st from 3-5PM. Only three spots left, so sign yourself up soon. We’ll also be teaching Glass Jar Terrariums the same day from noon to 2PM (one spot left).

Baby Stag

After hanging out with us for two hours, you’ll walk away with a cute little mounted baby stag ready for its wall of glory. It might look like the one above.

Another Baby Stag

If you want to get a little more complicated you could walk away with a baby that looks kind of like this guy.

A bigger guy

Bigger dude

The stags shoot out offsets, so your baby will eventually turn in to a giant clump of Staghorn awesomeness over time. We’ve been extremely successful keeping most of our stags inside. They don’t like direct sun, and can deal with a short dry out period. This makes them pretty easy to take care of. They’d make the perfect accessory for a big backyard tree too. These ancient freaks can deal with 40-100 degree temperatures. Here’s a link to Matti’s post about putting together the above fern.

Indie Mart Terrarium Fun

We had a blast working the DIY terrarium table at Indie Mart on Sunday. If you’re not able to make our July 31st classes, we’re teaching more in August:

Glass Jar Terrariums: Thursday, August 5th, 8:00PM-10:00PM

DIY Mounted Staghorn Ferns: Wednesday, August 11th, 7:00PM-9:00PM

The cool kids at Workshop teach more than just classes about plants. You can also take: Heavy Metal Aerobics, DIY Mixology: Learn To Brew Ginger Beer, DIY Desserts: Pie In A Jar, Total Punk Package: Make Your Own Band Merch, Living Room Scene: Wall Stencil and Decoupage and a bunch more.

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