In the Neighborhood

Our front succulents

It’s not too flashy or full of really cool succulents. I tucked some graptopetalum in two years ago, and they were all snipped out within a month. Lame succulent stealers!

Aeoniums and friends

This funky little succulent container garden is a block down the road on La Playa Street.

The annex

More aeoniums!

This front space is around the corner from the last little arrangement. Aeoniums LOVE it here in Outer Sunset. Maybe it’s all the summer fog out here.

P.S. If you live in the Bay Area, and looking for something fun to do today check out Indie Mart this afternoon. We’ll be helping out with the terrarium table this afternoon. There’s going to be a life sized terrarium, tons of cool people selling cool stuff, beer, bands and more!

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