Art in the Garden at Annie’s

Saturday we decided we needed to see some sunshine. We’ve hit that special time of the year in Outer Sunset where the sun can be hidden behind the fog for weeks on end this time of year. When I say fog, I really mean marine layer. It’s a big cloud that just sits all grey, overcast and sad.  It’s not the cool pea soupy stuff.

Annie’s is awesome

We headed inland to Annie’s Annuals for Art in the Garden, along with 20% off all of their plants. Today (Sunday, July 11th) they’ll be open from 10-4PM, so go check it out if you’re nearby. I took tons of pictures, and bought a bunch of new plants.

Chapel and flowers

We loved the Mosaic Chapel by Tina Amidon at Tidal Zone Arts. Here you can see a little bit of one of the exterior walls, next to a ton of sweet plants.

The mosaic chapel

Inside, the chapel is a fun filled, mosaic, fountain of coolness on the walls. I think this was installed back in May/June. Tina loves to collect funky objects near the coast, rivers and lakes for her sculptures.

More mosaic chapel

Another view of the wall. It’s hard to see the water flowing down the walls, but it is.


Annie’s demonstration gardens are so darn beautiful. Sometimes I wish we lived a little closer to Annie’s, but I think it’s good there’s a bridge between us. I’d be there everyday if it was closer.

One last picture of plants and the chapel. Hurray for Annie’s Annuals! We’ve got more Annie’s posts up our sleeves :)

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