Succulents + Bonsai = Lone Pine Gardens

After our stop at California Carnivores we ate some cheeseburgers at the Sequoia Burger to refuel before heading to another one of our favorite Sebastopol spots, Lone Pine Gardens. It’s has been around for over 30 years and is full of fabulous succulents, cacti and bonsai trees.

Finger Aloe Awesomeness (Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga ‘Flavida’)

This is part of their xeriscaped demonstration garden packed with drought tolerant cacti and succulents.

Opuntia and friends

Another view of the demonstration garden.

Grapto something or other

Sedum symphony

Shopping time

These guys look like they’re dancing.

More tables of goodness

Welcome to bonsai central

This lovely entrance takes you to tables and tables of bonsai trees.

Buddha and trees

All of Matti’s bonsai trees have come from here, e.g. they also sell the trees before they went all bonsai on them.  Almost every nursery in the Bay Area has bonsai trees from Lone Pine.

Not for sale!

The Bald Cypresses (Taxodium distichum) were my favorites.

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