Totally Tillandsia Tuesday

These tillandsias were hanging out in the Aquatic Plants Gallery at the Conservatory of Flowers. They love the humid climate.

Our bloomer

This guy has been blooming for the last week or two in our window that faces south. I love the little pale yellow flowers. We had another beautiful bloom in late May.

More tillandsias…

This isn’t all of them. I’d estimate conservatively that we have 50 tillandsias total.

Tillandsia fasciculata giant hybrid

I won this guy at the SF Bromeliad Society meeting raffle. It’s huge! Unfortunately it’s on the threatened plant list in its home state of Florida.

Spanish moss – Tillandsia usneoides

I’m a sucker for Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides). Did you know it’s a tillandsia? We brought a big clump home from the plant sale last week. It’s kind of ‘Cousin It’ like.

Tillandsia bulbosa

The baby keeps getting bigger on this guy, T. bulbosa. Check out the cool silvery white Senecio haworthii in the background. Just picked it up at the SF Succulent and Cacti meeting.

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