Gardening on La Playa

New spot for the bench

How huge is my box of succulents?!?! I figured it was about time to post some pictures of back yard (we live on La Playa Street,  Outer Sunset, SF). Check out my post way back on April 1st, when I first planted the succulent box. There’s a picture of that bench when it was in the middle of the yard too. I figured it was time to put some pics of our garden up. We cram as much as possible in to our space. Maybe we need to join at 12 step program for plant addicts.

Garden goodness

Garden goodness

New middle section without the bench

The gophers have eaten the entire yard. These photographs strategically leave out the huge brown patches.  Luckily they’ve stayed away from the succulents, but they’ve hit a few other plants besides the grass. I wish I knew someone with a Rodenator (they’re $1600). Poison isn’t an option, and trapping them isn’t something I want to get in to.

Agave univitata

My sweet Agave (Agave univitata) score from the SF Succulent and Cacti Sale and Show raffle.

The dark side

This is the side of the garden I never took pictures of because it sucked.  This was the side completely covered by mattress vine (Muehlenbeckia axillaris) a little over a year ago.  It’s not perfect, but I’m starting to like it.  Next year I’ll support the lilies, so they don’t flop all over the place.

Even darker side

I’m really excited that the California native Dutchman’s pipe vine (Aristolochia californica) is looking happy. I think it needs more stuff to crawl on though. There’s the Fatsia before it got eaten! It never looked so hot.

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