Happy June Bloom Day!

Hurray for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! We’ve got some good stuff blooming right now.

Monkey Flower (Mimulus)

I had some Mimulus back in Wisconsin. I remember it being a pain in the neck to deadhead. It still is…

Asiatic lilies

Our back neighbors gave us this  lily. It was a half dead Trader Joe’s plant, now it’s a huge happy thing (four more big stalks are getting ready to bloom).

Finger Aloe (Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga ‘Flavida’)

I never really knew what this guy was, but it looks just like San Marcos Growers pic of Finger Aloe (Cotyledon orbiculata var. oblonga ‘Flavida’). Love the flowers!  This one is tucked (nice way to say jammed) in a relatively shady corner behind our big Agave americana.

Fuchsia spp.

This guy has been on the verge of death many times (mostly due to neglect and crappy real estate). About a month or two ago I finally gave it a permanent home in the ground, and it’s flowering! It still looks kind of sickly, but I think it’s much happier in the new spot.

Passionflower vine

I’m not loving this vine right now. Two kind of crappy flowers for how huge it is doesn’t make me love it. I keep having to cut it away from the other two vines on either side I like more. Next year it might have to go to plant heaven.

Sedum forsterianum ssp. elegans ‘Silver Stone’

This guy came from Annie’s Annuals. We love Annie’s. It’s probably a good thing that we need to cross a bridge or two to get there. If it was closer, we’d be in big trouble. I spend hours on their website dreaming about my next visit.

Pretty flowers

There’s all kinds of good blooming things here.

Aloe something….

Man… sometimes I just don’t know (and I’m tired of playing plant detective). I’m guessing it’s some sort of hybrid. Anyone know?

Pitiful bougainvillea with happy aeonium

There is more than this, but it’s looking kind of young and gawky. It still needs a few years. The aeoniums are there to distract you from it’s sad display. PS: The petals are really bracts (modified leaves). I feel like someone is shouting “nerd”  right now.

Sweet Pea Vine

This sweet pea (Lathyrus odorata)  is from Annie’s. I forget which one, but it’s great. I thought this one was a goner for awhile, but once it established all heck broke loose. It really compliments the beautiful blue roof of our neighbors shed.

dON’t FoRGET!!!!!

Tuesday, June 15th SF Succulent and Cacti club meeting is happening at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. You can start buying super cool plants from the seller/s of the month at 7PM. Meeting starts at 7:30. It’s all about Echeverias tonight! Brian Kemble, curator at The Ruth Bancroft Garden will be speaking. The $1.00 raffle is really cool too.

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